Sausage Roll Philosophy

So people are always saying to me “How do you afford to travel all the time?” or “I wish I could afford to travel”. Well truth is travel doesn’t cost as much as you might think. It’s all about priorities. Sure if you want a nice house, designer clothes and brand new tech those things cost money and travel probably comes further down the list. But if like me travelling is pretty high on your priorities and the fulfillment travel brings outweighs the need for your daily coffee or 6 weekly haircut (mines lucky if it gets done every 6 months) then this philosophy might work for you.

Find something you couldn’t live without (yes for me it’s sausage rolls, sad but true), then every time you find yourself reaching for your purse/ wallet think how many sausage rolls could that buy me? Imagine you are buying a top for £20, say each sausage roll costs £1, that’s 20 sausage rolls. How does that relate to travel crazy sausage roll lady I hear you say?! Well say you have a very limited diet and only eat sausage rolls for lunch, stop yourself buying that top and you’ve bought yourself 20 days worth of lunch! Cut out a week or two of posh takeaway coffee’s as well as the weekly splurge at the pub and that’s breakfast and dinner sorted.

Now I’m not saying become a total tightwad and never leave the house but think when you are buying something “Could that money make me happier if I used it for travel?”. You may even already have stuff you don’t use or need, to quote an online selling giant “Sell baggage, buy freedom”. Now think about that gym subscription you never use or the contract phone that’s costing a small fortune; £30-£60 a month you could spend on a few nights in a hostel, or even a RETURN flight to Stockholm or Dublin (yes it is that cheap).

I recently caught myself looking at a new telly, mines temperamental at times but works ok, even at the best deal I could find I was looking at around £200. Then I thought for that money I could fly to Stockholm for the weekend, stay in an alright hotel and maybe even squeeze in a couple sausage rolls! So that’s exactly what I plan to do.

It occurs to me that life is short. You could leave behind a load of stuff or instead leave a tonne of memories. In need of inspiration? Jump on enter “everywhere” in the “To” box and, if your feeling brave, pick somewhere you’ve never heard of! Happy travels!

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