12 Steps to Happy

  1. Be happy – take pleasure from the little things in life. Don’t dwell on bad experiences. Life is linear. You can’t change the past.
  2. Be kind – open a door for a stranger, pick up something someones dropped and chase after them to give it back, do what you’d hope someone would do for you.
  3. Think – take care of your actions and how other people might perceive you, be a better person.
  4. Embrace fear – do things that scare you, push your boundaries, explore new horizons.
  5. Make mistakes – the only way to learn sometimes is to try, the worst that can happen is to fail, you can always try again.
  6. Appreciate the world – go green, look after the planet. Consume less and things mean more.
  7. Eat natural – cut out processed food, eat fresh, eat raw, eat anything a five year old could easily identify. Your body and bank will thank you.
  8. Buy a filtered water bottle and drink 1 litre a day, then two.
  9. Stretch everything, learn some yoga moves, feel every muscle.
  10. Treat yourself, regularly. Do it just for you.
  11. Find your passion; whether it’s travel, work or even another person. Give it all of your time and energy.
  12. Get out more. Enjoy nature. Take a break from technology. Switch off.

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