Life before 30 list

Here’s “the list”, a must have for any intrepid traveller! I started this back in 2013 and it’s definitely helped contribute to the 23 countries I’ve travelled to so far;

(! means ticked off)

See the Grand Canyon by helicopter!

White water rafting !!

Go surfing in the Pacific coast in California !

Travel solo to Vietnam & Cambodia, explore Angkor Wat!

Go snowmobiling on a glacier!

Go skydiving in New Zealand!

Swim with manta rays in Fiji!

Snorkel over the Great Barrier reef!

Bathe in the Budapest spas!

Swim with wild dolphins (400 of them in the beautiful Kaikoura)!

Walk with elephants (Around the ruins of Angkor Wat, note walk – not ride)!

Dive with sharks!

Go Rally driving (not totally travel related as this was in the UK, but a lot of fun!)!

Hike the Inca trail in Peru!

Pretend to be Attenborough in the Amazon Jungle!

See Turtles hatch in Costa Rica (Didn’t see the Turtles, darn climate change, but I will go back later in the season)!

Get scuba certified!

Chill out on the Trans Siberian railway

Hawaii – hula dancing on the beach

Galápagos Islands Eco tour

Madagascar wildlife tour

Croatia sailing, and see the GOT set

Drive the Pacific highway in a mustang

Road trip through the mountains of Slovenia

Start a travel blog to remember my trips and share travel tips !

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